Monday, February 10, 2014

Choke the Palm Tree - (2013) Hoax

CTPT from Germany formed in 2010, 3 Members, 1 Roadie, Fans from all over the world. Still rehearsing in the basement, recording and mixing everything on their own. You may call their genre Sluge-Doom-Boner, you also may call it blastmanic stonalicious rock funk jazz, it doesn't change anything. If you're hungry right now, eat something.
Choke the Palm Tree released their sophomore effort a few months back. Entitled "Hoax". Without reading too much into the title, I have no idea why they would call it that. Being comprised of pretty straightforward stoner metal, doom grooves and a penchant for some grunge riffs the band has compiled some really cool songs here on Hoax.

Almost two years have passed since their first album, with another odd title "Stone or Rock". The band has expanded on their sound and production values from that first recording with "Hoax". Songwriting capabilities and just an overall feeling of groove are much more relevant here, some serious horn throwing and headbanging are in store for each listener. Don't be fooled, this is no Hoax, this is an album made for rock enthusiasts of all kinds.


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