Monday, February 3, 2014

Mindwarp - (2014) EP

Mindwarp born in 2012 in the wasteland of Brindisi, from the ashes of stoner and doom project, Southern Cult. The Musical understanding of the trio and the desire to experiment with genres brought the band in search of sound totally free from the rigors of any kind or limits. The band's sound is varied, with riffs and sounds that come from the desert rock, from acid blues, progressive and funk in an attempt to blend as much as possible the different musical influences of each component.

February 21, marks the day for the 4th release from underground record label Acid Cosmonaut Records. It's in the form of an EP, a debut from Italian band Mindwarp. An instrumental group that focuses (through bloodshot eyes) on the foundation of keeping things chill, but also thundering. Obvious Influences come from Kyuss, Tool and Colour Haze without being too much of a clone. Good stuff from some new kids on the block, it'll be interesting to see where they take it in the future. Preorder the CD here.

-Adam Walsh

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