Monday, March 3, 2014

Drone Hunter - (2013) Drone Hunter

The debut full length album by Croatian instrumental riff worshipers Drone Hunter. The idea was to create a heavy, distorted but above all catchy and groovy record that would capture the essence of what this band is all about - riffing and grooving. Without vocals. This piece is a sonic journey of the minds and hearts of three guys with a thing for simplicity and minimalism. The band feels that they have achieved their mission which was to make sure that the stuff you hear on the CD is the same thing you hear at their shows, without overproducing and 'surgically' polishing the sound. No effects pedals were used on this album on neither guitar or bass. The sounds are pure amps and instruments. It's dirty, raw and noisy, just the way the band likes it.
Finally got around to giving this album the time it deserves today. I must say this is one helluva album. Normally instrumental bands and albums leaves me unfulfilled, Drone Hunter are the rare exception. This Croatian trio pummel the listener with heavy bloated riffs, lumbering bass lines and punch in the gut drumming that's right up there with Karma to Burn.

The band takes the formula of adding Doom and Stoner metal, with Industrial and Thrash elements at times. The production of the album is really good too. Meaty and raw, which adds to the over all experience. Grab a copy of the self released album on compact discdigital download or there's even a limited edition cassette tape version available for people feeling nostalgic.  -Adam Walsh

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  1. Thank you, kind sir, we're glad you enjoyed the record. :)

    Fitz (DH)


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