Saturday, March 1, 2014

Powdered Wig Machine - (2014) Supa-Collider

Southern Arizona’s Powered Wig Machine, (a.k.a) PWM, began crafting heavy, stoner-flavored desert rock in 2006/2007. PWM’s hard rock sound - described as heavy western rock n roll – contains elements of desert/stoner rock, classic rock, and blues combined with lyrics that dabble in sci-fi and comic book lore. Their oddball name spawns from track seven on Josh Homme’s (Queens of the Stoneage) The Desert Sessions Volume 9 album

PWM’s lineup includes lead singer/guitarist Wayne Rudell, guitarist Brian Gold, bassist Joey Rudell, and drummer Daniel 'the Ranchero' Graves. These dudes are all Arizona natives and have been playing together as a group since 2001. 

Powdered Wig Machine release their second album on March 6th. Supa-Collider is the title chosen by the band, and it makes perfect sense. Full of fuzz and heavy blues licks. A nod to the 70's rock is unmistakable. Yeah, sure there's 100 other bands out there doing the same thing, but PWM do it with flare. Some people might think I'm stuck in some sort of proverbial box musically. I like what I like, and I like this. If you herald Devil to Pay, Corrosion of Conformity and Brain Police as your jam, then this will fit right in with your music collection.   -Adam Walsh

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