Friday, August 29, 2014

Fever Dog - (2014) Second Wind

Formed in 2006, Fever Dog began as three 6th graders in a garage as "Snot Rocket". By the fall of 2008 they had recorded and released the first self-titled six song E.P. In 2009 the first Snot Rocket full length album "Red Alert" was released with 10 songs and two videos. The Fall of 2010 saw the release of "Super Chevy", featuring ten tracks of pure rock and roll, and in the spring of 2012 they changed their name to "Fever Dog" and recorded their first album "Volume one" Released November 10th 2012. 2014 will see their second full length album "Second Wind" (Part two of a trilogy) featuring recent singles "Lady Snowblood" and "The Great Tree" , 8 more brand new original tracks, and a 22 page comic book Illustrated by Danny Graham and Written by Jason Graham. 
Where I found Volume One to be more urgent, a feeling of getting it over even before it began, Second Wind creates a much broader palette for the ears. "Obelisk", a soft instrumental, settles the listener down, seated if you will, ready to present the journey you are about to embark on. The two songs that follow, "Second Wind" & "The Back of Beyond", propel you into the desert, bleak, but not desperate – swirling rhythms, soft echoes, hard, but not too heavy. We come upon "The Great Tree", and indeed great it is.  At first brushed back by the air, a strong wind – it creates the perfect mind journey, a feeling of excitement, you’re not sure what is coming ahead, however chance suggests it will be rewarding – 6 minutes of heightened liveliness. "Iroquois" stomps on your brain, a sudden primary trigger for the senses, like rolling thunder in the great wide open - I can hear it over and over. Now you’re caught in the storm, heavy rock, dragged off of your feet, trapped in a funnel, "One Thousand Centuries" floats all around you – immediate loud guitars – psychedelic jamming, almost beautiful, stoned. "Rukma Vimana" offers the chance to clear the head, a more impactful instrumental this time around. "Hats Off to Andrew Bowen", at first, brains the mind through its manic playing, close to 4 minutes of pure hammering at the rocks, hyper drive guitars – oh, she settles down, lying bed to the sky, eyes closed head nodding – off on another journey in your mind, while you’re well aware that you've already been on one for awhile now. A wonderful  instrumental.  We are coming to a close very soon, an end to this eargasm. "Lady Snowblood/Child of the Netherworlds" is another long epic journey – not a continuation of the last song, but very much aligned with it. It enables the ears to embrace the idea that it is all coming to the end, and yet it really is just the beginning. We can see more clearly now, we understand the ride Fever Dog want us to take. We’ve seen the golden sea, we understand it better. We have come to "Nexus", the final song, but only for this chapter. We’ll continue to follow the path laid out for us by Fever Dog.

This album, to my ears, encompasses a wide range of influences, from 70’s hard rock, to space rock to late 90’s stoner rock & desert rock  (which btw, was one of the best times for said genres).  U can take a bit of Kyuss, Neil Young, Lowrider, Zeppelin etc..  a touch hear, a touch there.  A fantastic album, I highly recommend it, and certainly look forward to hearing more from the band (in particular Part 3 of this trilogy).  -WB

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