Saturday, March 28, 2015

Black Wasteland - (2014) Dehydration

Well, what do we have here?... not yet another band name beginning with "Black". Yes indeed, this time from Black Wasteland, a band outta Bamburg, Germany. I had not heard anything from this band, or even knew they existed until I was fortunate enough to receive the first full length album, 2013's "Where Light Can Not Intrude", and their newest EP, Dehydration. Thanks man!

Black Wasteland are most definitely a doom band at heart, but also taking fuzzy guitars and mixing bits of psychedelic noodling into the songs. However, the classic doom sound remains, nodding to the likes of Pentagram, Sabbath and the like, this seems a bit different in its delivery. I'm not really sure what it is, maybe its the vocals, that seem to change from song to song during the four tracks on the EP. Sounding pissed and possessed one minute and almost droned-out the next.

The EP really shines on the last track "Goathead", a nine minute benchmark of desert rock and doom, taking the listener on a wah-filled journey through a black hole. So, in short, if you hold bands like Pentagram, Sabbath, Cathedral... or even Kyuss and Venom close to your musical heart, you owe it to yourself to check out this obscure band from Germany. The only way im sure of to get ahold of them, and the compact discs is through their Facebook. Whatcha waiting for? -AW

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