Monday, March 16, 2015

Don Fernando - (2015) Haunted By Humans

Statesmen of the stoner rock sound in Australia, Don Fernando have devised another edge defiant, riff frenzy album that delves deep into the dark recesses of the soul.

The boys have returned with a robust sound edging into the sludgy and more doom laden stoner undertones, which resonates from their full bore background of Heavy Rock.  The Album was entirely written, recorded and mixed by the band collectively; particularly with frontman Andy Fernando at the helm, the sound of this album is organic, pure and true to their vision and ideals of interest. This is as close Don Fernando will ever succumb to creating a concept Album; the lyrical themes explore modern true crime stories.

Haunted By Humans has been a labor of love, blood, sweat and tears for the band, bringing much creative exploration and influence to this recording. The bittersweet affair of touring in Australia and recording has fuelled Don Fernando with a wanderlust – seeing them export their sound previously in South America, Europe and the UK, to bring forth the riffage that they desperately miss and are salivating for since their last voyage abroad in 2013.
The new album by Australia's dingoes of the desert, Don Fernando is about to piss on the leg of all the aficionados of heavy rock. Boasting a great production and riffs galore this new album "Haunted By Humans" is a smorgasbord of all the things that make music enjoyable for me.

Don Fernando have been creating impressive slabs of rock since 2006, and have toured Australia extensively, played in eight different European countries, and toured throughout South America. Bringing their brand of rock to the masses, while remaining somewhat hidden from the average Joe. Taking parts of desert rock, grunge and metal and creating a whirlwind of pissed off rock and roll that is sure to please the ears and mind.

This being the third full-length album by the band proves the well hasn't run dry and they still have the chops to create something interesting. The eleven tracks on "Haunted By Humans" explores many domains and textures. From soulful acoustic passages, to full-blown metal onslaughts. Most of the vocals are clean sounding, but there are a few gut wrenching screams from time to time for dramatic effect.

If you dig the old stoner sound from long ago, from bands like early Queens of the Stone Age, Hermano, Fu Manchu and the like "Haunted By Humans" will sure tickle your fancy. I'm willing to bet when 2015 runs down, this album will be one of the more memorable listening experiences you've had. Limited edition digipacks and digital downloads available via their Bandcamp site.   -AW

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