Saturday, March 14, 2015

Them County Bastardz - (2015) Sick Daze

Them County Bastardz keep it simple! They are local dudes from Essex County who are in it to make old school metal with back forty rock and having fun while doing it!

Formed in 2013 and based in Leamington, ON (an hour south of Windsor/ Detroit area) these Canadian rednecks are headbanging heavy riffs with heavy lyrics to give insight to their county life style.

Their new album ‘Sick Daze’ due out February 24, 2015 tells the story of life in the county, with tracks such as their fan favorite ‘Drive By’ to heavy hitters such as ‘Bastard’ to ‘Rise Up’. Inspired by true stories and experiences.

Another new band on the scene making the rounds in the promotional circuit is Them County Bastardz. A Canadian Heavy Rock/Metal outfit. Their new and debut album "Sick Haze" is what I have cranked up here this evening. A surprising and interesting mix of red-neck boogie metal, and an almost industrial vibe.

Right off the bat the vocals remind me of Rob Zombie, I guess that's why it sounds a little industrial to me. There's plenty of chugga-lugga guitar riffs throughout the seven tracks, also some double bass drumming and little sound bytes to keep it interesting. "Metal for Mark" has a real Ministry quality to it. Mostly because of the repetitive groove and guitar riff. The first single "Bastard" sounds much different than the tracks leading up to it, boasting an almost stoner rock vibe and different sounding vocals. Definitely my favorite track on the relatively short album. Nothing incredibly new here, but it sounds like a good start to something that could go the distance. I'll be keen to hear what the band does next.

"Sick Daze" is available through Bandcamp, in both digital download and on compact disc. Check em out on Facebook and also their website.   -AW

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