Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grusom - (2015) Grusom

With dark and gloomy lyrics, GRUSOM creates an honest and unpolished universe, that questions life and death through authentic stories and malicious tales.

It didn't take too long for Denmark's Grusom to stir up the musical pot. After releasing their do-it-yourself demo last year (available here), I had a good feeling we would be hearing more from the band. Kozmik Artifactz dove in and signed them, and will be releasing the album on vinyl soon. 

Taking ques from late 60's/early 70's psychedelic rock and adding some modern mojo is what conjures up the nine tracks on the album. Niclaj Hoffmann's soulful vocal swagger has a real Morrison meets Danzig quality to it, that just seems to work well over the thick organ passages, dark lyrical content and groovin' tasty guitar lines.

With retro-rock being somewhat hot right now, I think Grusom could be the next big thing, if enough ears are put on them. Catchy without being cheesy. Great album to just sit back, drink a beer or two and relax with. I enjoyed this alot.   -AW

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