Saturday, June 4, 2016

Black Titan - (2016) The Bag Is in the River

Black Titan are a four piece band from Mobile, Alabama. They play a groovin' blend of metal, doom, stoner rock and sludge. Coming across like the bastard sons of Melvins and Down, while creating peaks and valleys in the sound big enough to make it a worthwhile listen.

After releasing a memorable EP in 2004, the band is back this year with their first full length entitled "The Bag is in the River". The album goes from murky and pissed off, to an almost punkish sneer (World Eater), then back to heavy with a bunch of surprises along the way. Showing these guys can write a song above and beyond the typical formula. This is one of those albums in an over-saturated genre that really stuck out to me as being something special. I look forward to the next installment from this band. Released digitally via Bandcamp. -AD)))AM

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