Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cold Black River - (2016) Ancient Depths

Anyone can buy a fuzz pedal, plug in their axe and bash away on it for hours, and never get anywhere. It takes a certain way of realization, experimentation and determination to pull something off above average, and memorable. It can be subtle, or it can hit you over the head. Sometimes it's as simple as the way you grip the neck on the guitar, or put that little stank on a certain note.

Wisconsin's Cold Black River get that concept. Their debut album "Ancient Depths" capitalizes on down-tuned blues riffs with plenty of groove and meat, and also knowing when to tone things down and let the listener absorb what's going on. They are certainly a band to check out, and keep within the radar. Easily accessible hard rock, for fans of hooks and memorable song writing. The production is also something to note here. It all sounds well balanced, even at earth shaking volumes. Quite impressive stuff for a debut, It'll be interesting to hear where they go from here. -AD))AM

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