Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Zombie Rodeo - (2016) Cult Leader

Zombie Rodeo has been around since 2011 released a few promos in that time, as well as an EP in 2014, "Dia De Los Muertos", which has a name your price download on Bandcamp here. The band just released their second EP, this time giving it the name "Cult Leader".

Hailing from Helsinki, the Finn's have a sound which can most easily be described as doom metal, but that's just scratching the surface of what this band can do. I'm hearing a lot of old school 80's heavy metal in here too. Bands like Armored Saint, and maybe a bit of early Iron Maiden, of course with an overshadowing of thundering doom metal. 

During the five tracks on "Cult Leader" there's plenty of Black Sabbath type riffs and solid drumming as well. Almost bordering on epic doom metal at times in the vocal department, but stopping short. Interesting keyboard arrangements, that are just under the surface, giving a couple of the songs an eerie delivery. The closing track "Replacement Memories" is full of fuzz and groove, bringing to mind Las Cruces (one of my favorite doom bands). What really caught my ears was the production, it sounds thick and heavy. Well suited to the tunes that are within. Once the EP plays out, it leaves you wanting more, a true mark of something special. 

Available in digital download and a limited edition run of compact discs. Via, you guessed it, Bandcamp! -AD))AM

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