Saturday, December 3, 2016

Death Swingers - (2016) Swing with Death

Poland's "Death Swingers" are another new band that just released their debut album. What we have this time is face melting riffs, combined with offsets of just about every other sub-genre in metal and rock. Southern metal, groove metal, nu-metal, hard core, thrash, stoner rock and doom (among others).

Taking all these elements and doing a mishmash, depending on where you are on any given track. Sometimes combing all of those into the same track. I'm a sucker for variety in my music, and this delivers in that regard in spades. Showing that the band isn't just some one trick pony.

"Swing With Death's" booming production is another highlight of the album, I'm always somewhat amazed at how these virtually unknown bands come out of the gate with professional quality recordings. The days of needing big studios and fancy labels are truly dead.

The band cites influences from everyone from Deftones and Audioslave to High on Fire and Crowbar... That's all you really need to know. These guys mean business, and they're willing to beat you over the head to prove it. This is metal in 2016 kids. Check it!    


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