Monday, December 26, 2016

Goat Wizard - (2016) The Book of Goat Wizard

If you look at Goat Wizard's Bandcamp site, they cite all the common tags usually associated with the music I gravitate to. Doom, psychedelic, stoner etc. Sure all of these would certainly fit within the context of what the band does, but there seems to be one tag missing here, and that would be punk rock. Within the sounds on their latest release, simply titled "The Book of Goat Wizard", if you read between the lines, there is a definite middle finger in the air and an ever present punk sneer to the songs.

Boasting tongue in cheek lyrics about Satan, witches, demons and horror movies "The Book" could have been written by Stephen King, if Steven smoked up and prayed to the almighty riff. Like I said earlier there's a lot of fast-paced almost punk qualities, but there's also quite a bit of psychedelic noodling going on as well, often within the same track. A huge nod to Black Sabbath can be heard on "Beyond the Stars" and on "Devils Daughter" the band slows things down for about half of the song lulling you into a quiet place... then before the track ends, it knocks you back with an onslaught of killer riffs and traditional doom pyrotechnics.

Goat Wizard is a band out to make a spectacle of themselves, not only musically but with their stage show as well. Donning strange masks and robes. Sure it's been done before, but I can appreciate a little theatrics. It beats watching a group of guys staring at their shoes, or looking at an oil painting on stage for an hour and a half. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you'll find something to like here. Put an ear on it, check out the video below. Buy the album on Bandcamp, give em a like on Facebook. Do something.   -AD)))AM

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