Saturday, March 25, 2017

Green Monster - (2017) Down Witch Down

It's not everyday you come across new music coming from Singapore, let alone a rock 'n roll act. Here's where the band Green Monster enter the building. Releasing an EP back in 2012, it's been five years since we've seen hide nor hair from the Singaporeans. 2017 marks the year of their first full length album. 

"Down Witch Down" is the title and it's a testament to all things rock. The album borrows from the past, keeps a foot in the present and even shows glimpses of the future during its seven tracks.

With not even one beard between the quartet and no tattoos to be seen, they don't look like your typical stoner band. However, you wouldn't know it by listening to the tunes on the album. It goes to show you don't need beards, tats and walls of Orange amps to make good music.

Incorporating plenty of groovy 70's psychedelic rock, with the newer tone of the stoner rock scene is obvious, but there's more here than that. There are also touches of reggae and funk hiding in there too. To me these little differences, (probably forced in from the culture emanating from the band) is what makes "Down Witch Down" an enjoyable listen and a band that seems confident enough in themselves musically to write interesting songs.

Available digitally from Bandcamp. Check em out on Facebook. Watch their new video below for the first track on the album "Witch". 

-Adam Walsh

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