Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giant Horizon - (2011) Astronaut

Giant Horizon are a very obscure band from Sopron, Hungary. Falling below the radar last year when they released their first album "Astronaut". The band was cool enough to send me a cd-r from halfway around the world, just to get my opinion on it. So here it is.

"Astronaut" has all the typical things I dig about the genre... attitude, riffs and charisma. Plenty of tempo changes a few psychedelic break-downs. Good, but not too overdone vocals, and just a bit of that southern seasoning thrown in for good measure. Did I mention riffs? Giant Horizon's bag of riffs seems to have no bottom, pulling out a non-stop barrage of head bobbing, foot stomping barnstormers. These guys know their Sabbath, Kyuss and Down albums well, and wear their influences on their sleeves.

"Astronaut" boasts 13 tracks and clocks in at just over an hour of listening time. During that time, it never loses its hold on your head. Most albums I hear these days have one or two songs that grab my attention, and the rest of the album is lost between the sheets. Giant Horizon have a real impressive debut on their hands here. For a young band just starting out, I think we could be hearing alot more from these guys. At least I hope so.

~Adam Walsh

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