Monday, November 21, 2016

Drone Hunter - (2016) Welcome to the Hole

This has been a huge week for instrumental releases, I can count at least five or six of them that I've heard. All of them seem to be really good, and offer some sort of value, albeit in different ways. However, I'm not here to ramble on about all of those. Right now I'm focusing on the new release from Croatian band Drone Hunter.

This is their second release, their first being  the self-titled riff-burner from 2013, which I reviewed when that was unleashed here. Being a big fan of that album, I was stoked to realize they had a new batch of songs ready to grace my ear-holes. The sophomore effort has been given the name "Welcome to the Hole". Judging by the album art, I don't think they were referring to my ears, but might have something to do with their practice space (that's just a guess).

This time around, like the last time, there was no pedals or effects of any kind used in its creation, just straight up amps and drums. That is almost unheard of these days, but the trio pulls it off. It's still a captivating listen, and makes me wonder what they could do if they did use effects. They haven't strayed much, if at all from the formula in the song writing process either. Plenty of metalized blues riffs are still on board, with enough changes to give the songs structure, and to keep things from getting boring. With the absence of vocals, it has to be that way for it to be interesting, and it is.

"Welcome to the Hole" is available both digitally and a four page digipack CD format via Bandcamp, and should be a welcome addition to anyone worth their salt, if they consider themselves a connoisseur of metal and rock. -AD))AM

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